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We offer a full complement of design services. http://www.nextshooter.com/howtoplay Our designers can help you with your all of your interior design projects—from selecting a eclipse casino mobile single piece for a room to planning and furnishing an entire home.

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Laura Silverstone Design

Laura Silverstone: designer, architect, the founder and owner of Hpdesignwheels Studio. She is the winner of 15 local and international design contests. Laura’s projects are successfully realized not only in the US, but also in other countries of the world.

Laura is the author of the entire conception of the studio and she holds personal responsibility for each project. 

  • I develop and realize each project from 2 and up to 12 months. During this time, I learn as much as possible about my clients, including their habits, life principles and plans, interests etc. I need this info to get the most out of home interior design or that of larger objects.
  • I like working  in close cooperation with clients, when both parties keep developing at a time. As a rule, people I work with have already become successful. They have experience, money and status. These people choose me on their own. 

I should say that I work strictly, trying to persuade a client to listen to my point of view if I see that the design plan he/she offers won’t be a success. I just can’t afford dealing with projects that are doomed to failure right from the start, even if these projects are costly. This is because satisfaction and pleasure I get from brilliantly developed projects cannot be measured by any financial rewards.

My mission is to cultivate taste without imposing modern tendencies, which come and go too fast. I’m sure that it is an architect, who forms the views, space and his/her own vision of the surrounding world. Top-casinos-us.com By forming the perception of space, you form the worldview. And it’s not only your worldview, but that of each client as well. And our customers understand that. 

Sometimes I have to be strict, if not even rude.

  • A woman architect has to win the authority in the eyes of a foreman even on the construction stage. This is because this person feels a “real pro, who has worked for over 20 years at multiple construction sites”. Is there anything important a “woman” can tell him? Even if this woman has developed projects recognized by the world-known architects? Yes, I’m a happy mom of three kids at home, but I’ve got used to subdividing the responsibilities and duties when working on each project.

Laconicism, genuineness, functionality.

  • I like working with natural materials, such as greenery, wood, wool. I also adore laconic forms and create laconic interior designs. I don’t like messy interiors and try to make them emotionally clean to present the project in the understandable way.  

Laconicism, genuineness, functionality - this is what Hpdesignwheels Studio is about. My major inspiration is nature. My favorite flowers are chrysanthemums. I like the moments, when my family gets together and I hear the laughter and jokes of my husband and kids. My favorite dish is chicken pie and I like it, because my husband cooks it for me.  What is needed to gain success? Whatever you do,  you have to work really hard and get pleasure from what you are doing. 

Some of Laura’s quotations:

“I’m not interested in working “ahead” to keep the ideas just for sake. I don’t like drawing projects. I like bringing them to life”.

“An architect forms the vision, views, space perception and surrounding. By forming space, you form the worldview”.

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We Handle Each Project From the Very Beginning and Up to the Moment a Client Moves In.

If we have accepted a project and started working on it, we are responsible for each stage, including project development, equipment and authorized supervision.

Architectural Planning (Project Development)

We never do similar objects and we don’t duplicate them. We understand that each client is unique and needs a unique project.

Our portfolio involves lots of complicated and successfully realized projects. Sometimes, it seems that complicated objects and clients is what we focus on. We feel great when working in all contemporary styles, but we try to make individual choices in each case depending upon the needs of our clients. For this purpose, we try our best effort to find out as much as possible about each person we work with.

We deliberately think over all the details and elements. We try to implement solutions by using natural materials. We prepare a full set of documents required for the constructors, subcontractors and suppliers.


We try to make our 3D visualization as precise and detailed as possible both in the presentation of the general conception and all the interior items included into a project.

To start with, each element of the equipment is defined at the stage of project planning. We already know what manufacturer or supplier has the materials we need.

Secondly, this helps save much time when performing the search and handling logistics issues.

Thirdly, we can organize equipment supply with regard to the plans without the need to look for warehouses.

Finally, this is a great budget economy. We offer our clients all the bonuses provided by the manufacturers we’ve been collecting for years.

As a result, both parties are satisfied. 

Authorized Supervision

When working on the development of complicated projects (especially when it comes to the reconstruction of the old historic buildings), we sometimes face unpredictable situations on the construction stage, which may require the correction of the interior design project.

Understanding of construction technologies and specifications of the local construction issues makes it possible for us to visit the object on time to supervise important moments of project completion. Or there is an option to create a project website. We’ve tried to choose what platform to prefer - weebly vs wix, but then decided to make our visualisation with both of them.

We can share responsibility with the constructors, thus, eliminating the need to look for the guilty ones or adjust the budget afterwards.

Design Project Plan

  1. Measurement plan
  2. Element dismantling plan
  3. Element arrangement plan
  4. Furniture placement plan
  5. Marking plan
  6. Flooring plan
  7. Flooring cutting and junction points
  8. Underfloor heating plan
  9. Hidden moulding plan
  10. Ceiling plan
  11. Ceiling cutting and junction points
  12. Lighting fixtures positioning plan
  13. Lighting fixtures specification plan
  14. Socket positioning plan
  15. Angle drift of the construction site
  16. Exterior finishing progress report
  17. Visualization of the construction site

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Let’s Talk About Prices

It’s high time to talk about prices now.

  • A Few Words About Friendly Budgets

    If both a project and a budget are agreed upon, it’s a must for both parties to stick to the plan. However, it happens that a client starts looking a contractor, who charges lower prices. As a result, the budget is managed by an inexperienced person, who doesn’t have any reliable partner. This frequently results in a failure…

    Another situation is when a client takes initiative and tries to find different ways to make a project cheaper, change the equipment or look for the cheaper counterparts. This is inadmissible to us. We always ensure the most suitable ideas that are the best value for the money required to complete the project. We don’t allow using “counterparts”, counterfeits or imitations of any kind. We believe that images and content fade when counterfeits are brought into action. An artist starts degrading and a client is left unsatisfied with the result.

  • We’re Worth the Trust

    We are worth the trust of our clients as we offer them our price lists right from the start so that they could make sure that they will eventually avail quality, unique, authentic and persuasive result! This is a real satisfaction both for us and our clients! This feeling is much more valuable than all those equipment bonuses implied by the agreement with our clients. If we promise to complete your project, we will surely do that in the best way possible!

    The final cost involves the cost of the interior design project, equipment used and authorized supervision.

  • Who Works With Us?

    Our clients are businessmen, serious people and dreamers at the same time. They have traveled the world and explored foreign standards of architecture and design. What they want now is to make their lifetime dreams come true. Having a stunning object of architecture, such as a country mansion or any other public object, always creates stylish, powerful and notable impression. This is the dream that has to come true!

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Our Portfolio

Take a look through our portfolio to see samples of our design

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What our clients had to say about us

Helen Mitchell

We’ve been looking for a trusted interior design studio for several months, but we couldn’t find the one that could seem the best in the market until our friends recommended Hpdesignwheels Studio. The only look at their portfolio was enough to realize that we’ve finally found what we wanted! The impressions we’ve got from the cooperation with Laura are unbelievable. She listened attentively to all our requirements and preferences and even offered us those solutions we couldn’t even think about! She is a real professional! We’ve always dreamt of combining two styles in the design of our apartment - loft and contemporary styles. Due to Laura and Hpdesignwheels Studio, our dream came true! Thanks a lot for professionalism and attention!

Rodger Brown

Thanks a lot to Laura and Hpdesignwheels Studio for such an extraordinary and unique interior design project, where each detail is in its place. When thinking over our interior design project, we have drawn lots of sketches and schemes to find the best solution, but… there was always something that disappointed us. That’s why, we have decided to hire Laura to design the project for us and we didn’t regret this choice even for a minute! She managed to find that very solution that came up to our needs and design preferences and helped us get the most out of our home interior design. This is the best project we could get! Great job!

Stella Mosley

Thanks a lot to Laura, her stunning sense of style and passion for beauty. Each project she designs is a masterpiece. We’ve realized that as soon as we came across her portfolio. There were so many things that amazed us there that we just couldn’t decide on the interior design we wished to create at first. Laura helped us made this decision by offering her ideas and design solutions. We trusted her and relied on her experience. Not in vain! The apartment she designed for our family is very cozy, light and spacious. Laura did a great job and we’ll certainly recommend her to everyone looking for unique design ideas!

George Chapman

We can’t express the admiration with this amazing design project. Having looked through dozens or even hundreds of projects, we felt desperate because of the inability to find a suitable decision. Fortunately, our friends recommended Laura, who helped us with this choice. When we talked to her, it seemed like she knew everything about us. Whatever questions we had, she always knew the best answer. This impressed us a lot and we relied on her experience. You can see the result now. We are SO grateful to Laura and Hpdesignwheels Studio team for making our dreams come true! Guys, you are awesome!

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2000 Ponce De Leon Blvd #517, Coral Gables, FL 33134

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+1 305-454-8579