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Minimalist Design Apartment

Apartments designed in the minimalist style don’t suit everyone. This is a place with simple interior planning and minimum amount of decor elements and furnishings. This is exactly what our clients - a young couple - wanted us to design for them. This apartment is a great sample of minimalist style. It looks elegant and comfortable. Simple but spacious planning, absence of bright colours, grey and beige colour domination, interesting lighting solutions - these are the major characteristics of this project.
To add more space, we decided to remodel the apartment by uniting a kitchen and a living room. There is also a large bathroom and two dressing rooms in the apartment. The major idea of this minimalist decor is getting the most out of the functionality and design of the place. You won’t find any extra elements or accessories here. The highlight of the project is the combination of textures and materials. All in all, this is a nice sample of a cozy, functional and stylish apartment for a young family.