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American Neo-Classicism Style Apartment

This apartment is located in the picturesque area. Its owners wanted to create spacious interior in the American Neo-Classicism style with the unusual combination of colours. We faced quite an extraordinary, but interesting task. The interior had to combine calming turquoise colors contrasting with cheerful bright color accents. It also had to include interesting furniture and decor elements.
As far as the clients wished to get the most out of interior space and functionality, we had to remodel the apartment. As a result, we’ve united two rooms and a kitchen into a spacious area that included a kitchen, a dining zone and a living room. Another remarkable feature of this interior is the availability of a gym and an office in the recessed balcony zones. We’ve also included a dressing room into the interior. The apartment is decorated with lots of original furniture items and design elements, while the entire place features unique, harmonious and individual style.